Eton Brand Image 1Have you ever tried an Eton shirt ? Not only do Eton shirts look great, they perform great as well. Our shirt guide tells you all about the unique details of the Eton shirt.

Have you ever tried an Eton shirt in Red Ribbon ?

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Eton Red Ribbon constantly refines and reinvents the modern business shirt. Eton maintain control of every stage in production – from the selection of cotton and spinning to weaving and finishing. The result is an exclusive, high-performance fabric that stays smooth all day.

Have you ever tried an Eton shirt in Green Ribbon ?


Eton innovative Green Ribbon collection continues to elevate casual shirting. Sewn with the same uncompromising quality that permeates there other collections, Green Ribbon combines casual fabrics, garment washing and innovative details.

Have you ever tried an Eton shirt in Black Ribbon ?


Forged from a blend of classic elegance and modern cuts, the Black Ribbon collection is ideal for occasions when a man must look his very best. Perfectly suited for formal events and parties, the Black Ribbon collection comprises traditional white dress and tuxedo shirts in exclusive materials.

Exacting fit, exclusive fabrics and fashionable details make the Eton Red Ribbon, Green Ribbon and The Black Ribbon shirts the cornerstone of the modern man’s wardrobe. The world’s finest cottons are woven to stay crisp and fresh all day. Eton shirts look just as fashionable with tie or without, with jeans or with suits. We sell Eton shirts at our Gerrards Cross store or you can buy Eton shirts online through our online shop.

Five reasons to buy an Eton Shirt
  1. Exclusive fabrics and colours.
  2. Fashionable details from Red-Green and Black Ribbon collection.
  3. The worlds finest cotton are woven to stay crisp all day.
  4. Eton shirts are fashionable to business or for holiday.
  5. With exacting fits like Classic, Contemporary, Slim Fit and Extra Slim Fit.

Have you ever tried an Eton shirt? This Christmas you have all the reasons to ask Santa for one.

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